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Cardz India spearheads Mifare bus passes in Karnataka

CardzIndia is your source and final destination for the entire range of Nisca and Matica products.

 Nisca card printers and ID badge solutions are used in access control systems, time and attendance tracking and asset protection.These identity systems set a high standard for combining security, reliability, user-friendly features and cutting-edge technology. While Nisca printers and technology promises high speed yet efficient printing of ID cards, suiting to everybody’s pocket.

CardzIndia specialises in softwares from NFIVE. NFIVE is not only concentration its intelligence in development of card personalisation software, but also leads in development of softwares related to visitor management system, surveillance system, which turns the webcam into a powerful surveillance tool, software designed to protect your computers from intruders, smart card based licensing system designed for software protection, and also the time management system.

CardzIndia Trading is a Card Management Solutions Provider which specializes in

  • Digital Photo ID Card Management Systems,
  • Card Personalization Systems,
  • Automated Time Management Systems,
  • Identification and Verification Systems,
  • Visitor Management Systems,
  • Loyalty Applications,
  • Access Control Systems, etc.

Our clientele expands a wide range of industries including small, medium and large sized corporations, government departments, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, healthcare facilities, retail and service establishments, amusement parks and recreational facilities, service bureaus, port authorities, etc.

Our patronage extends from the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East nations to the Indian subcontinent and parts of Africa.

We focus on providing customized solutions taking into account your exact requirements and budget constraints while assuring you of the best quality, fast delivery and unmatched service at the most competitive rates.